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Advantages of Selling Your RV with RV World®*

RV World's reputation as the fastest growing dealer network in the nation ensures that millions of people will visit our website. RV World's partnership with Good Sam (the largest RV community in the world) means that we are a part of the largest group of RV enthusiasts and buyers!

We ensure a quick & easy process by:

  • Full Safety & Visual inspection to ensure your RV is in perfect condition
  • Put your RV on the largest RV websites in the world, including this one and at no cost to you.
  • Professional sales & service staff available around the clock to present and answer questions about your RV to interested buyers
  • Professional detail service and photographs
  • Hassle free - RV World will handle all the paperwork
  • Financing options for potential buyers available through our preferred lenders

You sold my camper in one week. I picked up the check today. Cannot say enough about how easy and effective your consignment program is.


RV World® Options


Benefits of our Consignment Program

  • You retain ownership of your RV
  • Agreed upon selling price (the price you receive when the RV is sold)
  • RV World is your agent (i.e. we will market, clean, detail, and sell your RV)
  • Earn more money with no risk

RV World ensures our expert sales staff is prepared to show your RV to potential buyers! Once the RV is sold, you will receive a check for the agreed upon price.

Outright Purchase

In the case that you need to sell your RV quickly, RV World sometimes will be able to make an offer for your RV to purchase outright. Ownership of your RV will be transferred to RV World through the sale and you will get the agreed upon sales price.

Please note: RV World’s outright purchase option is dependent on the needs of each location, the available space, and the RV condition.